About Supersnail

Supersnail is my nickname,

my real name is Quentin …and I was born in Africa. I have since lived on 4 continents and in 9 countries. I drew and sketched all through my childhood, it seemed only natural, to me, that eventually I would work in the arts (much to the disappointment of my parents who hoped I’d have a professional career). I call myself SuperSnail because I sign my work with the stylised QR which you can see in my logo and looks a little like a snail.

The land of Oz

I finished secondary and tertiary education in the UK I headed for Australia because I didn’t like the politics of Margaret Thatcher and I needed some sun and freedom back in my life.

Painting career

In 1983 I returned to the UK and shortly after joined a trompe l’ œil studio in the south of England. There I painted paint finishes, murals, and faux finishes for private clients as well as commissions for prestigious interior designers and architects. You can see my art site here

The Irish bit

1990 I moved to Eire and continued there in the same vein but also adding graphics, stage design and sculpture to my portfolio as well as two children to my life. I loved stage and play-set design and won a few awards for my unusual approach to set painting.

Still with the celts

In 1999 I went back to college in Wales for a year where I picked up Government recognised and approved NVQ qualifications in Information Technology and Computer studies. Typically these qualifications have since been changed for an inferior version called, stupidly enough, the European Computer Driving Licence (where does “driving” come into it?). The certificates I already hold are worthless in the job market place. So you can see “it’s not what you know but who you know.”

España, te echo de menos

I then moved to, and worked in southern Spain until the American sub-prime mortgage market crashed and screwed the economy of the world. I had a major heart attack in 2013 and discovered that the European Community wasn’t about fraternity at all. I was billed nearly €24,000. It was cancelled on political grounds. But now the insane bureaucracy has forced me out. Which is a shame because Spain is a lovely place with lovely people and the country in which I’ve lived the longest. I feel more Spanish than British and I love speaking Spanish.

So now… India beckons.

Lets see if it’s somewhere I can live out my life in peace and tranquility and learn a great new writing system that isn’t based on Roman characters. That will be fun 🙂