Foreigner Regional Registration Offices – FRRO

My visa tells me that I have to register at the FRRO or a police station within 14 days of arrival. So yesterday I went with Imran (who I now find out prefers to be called Ali – He is Imran Ali) to the FRRO. Again I can’t express how helpful Ali has been.

He arrived in a tuk-tuk to collect me and off we headed to the FRRO – Foreigner Regional Registration Offices. We arrived and the place was heaving with foreigners. Not really surprising. There were a lot a Afghan people there that Ali tells me are flooding India. I saw few caucasians, one or two.

FRRO bureaucracy

Well, a bit like Spain, the bureaucracy is horrendous. We queued up and eventually got seen only to find that I needed a “C” form. These are available from the hotel. I didn’t know. Ali rang the hotel and they whatsapped the form over. You need a proof of address. So if I had been staying with Ali, he’d have had to present his documentation. Had I been living here I’d have needed rental agreements and that kind of thing.

Lemon and pineapple drink at FRRO
Lemon and pineapple drink
Naturally this didn’t happen in 5 minutes. So we went and got a fruit drink, lemon and pineapple, and we kept coming and going until it got to my turn. Eventually I was processed and given an appointment for 10:20 the next day.

Ali decided to see if he could pull strings. I mentioned in this post that he works helping backpackers etc. Long story short, we found that as I have to leave the country at least once during my 1 year visit none of this applied to me and I hadn’t needed to make this trip after all.

So this little post is to try and explain that to any potential long-term visa holders. Because while it is stamped on my visa that I am required to go to the FRRO what they don’t make clear is that the visit is necessary ONLY were I going to stay for the year WITHOUT exiting the country.

So we went into Connaught Circus and grabbed some lunch in a nice little restaurant that provided so much food we couldn’t eat it all. I met Ali’s cousin Yamin who is one day younger than my daughter and a very nice guy too. He also is a CouchSurfer and his parents have houseboats up in Jammu and Kashmir. I’m going to try and take a visit up there. I looked so beautiful from his photos and it reminded me of Switzerland.

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    1. I’m glad it helped. And thanks for reading 🙂
      It will certainly avoid a wasted day if you are going to exit the country during a long stay.

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