FabHotel Regalia

FabHotel Regalia

FabHotel Regalia Greater Kailash

I booked the FabHotel online. There are a number of FabHotels, This is FabHotel Regalia. The pictures of the rooms looked good and the prices were good. I paid slightly less than £200 for 13 nights. The reviews in Booking.com were good and the fact they have good WiFi sold it to me. And the WiFi is good!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it took over an hour to get here from the airport. This is due to a new bridge being built that causes massive traffic jams.

FabHotel Regalia reception is on the second floor of the building. The ground floor and basement are a gym. Booking in proved easy and I was shown to my room which is right next to the reception which worried me a little. I had specified that I’d like a quiet room if possible because, those that know me, I don’t sleep well.

My room is facing the main road 🙂 I already mentioned the obligatory horn honking. That said the room was cool and fresh with the ceiling fan going as well as the aircon set to 27º. The “bellboy” set up the TV for me. I turned it off as soon as he’d gone. I haven’t really watched TV since 1990 and I saw no reason to start now. Besides TV technology is beyond me these days and the number of channels overwhelms me a bit and I have this blog to write and my ukulele. What more do I need?

FabHotel room £192 for 13 nights
FabHotel Regalia
FabHotel opposite view
The room definitely looks better in the pictures 🙂 but at this price it’s pretty darn good. The bathroom is a little more disappointing. I thought I’d go through the bath when I stepped in for a shower and there are that many taps to control… (I’m not sure what,) that there should be an instructional manual. The place could be cleaner. Cobwebs on the aircon make it look shoddier than it is. The light switches need a good clean from all the other fingers that have been on them and labelling wouldn’t go amiss. There are 5 above the bed for the lighting combination and the ceiling fan and one rheostat that presumably was for the fan but seems to do nothing. Maybe it’s a dimmer for the main light, I’ll play later. The bed is enormous, clean and hard, as I like it.

FabHotel Regalia bathroom
FabHotel bathroom
The bathroom has 4 switches inside and a razor/plug point. Also not sure what the switches are for yet but the main light switch for the bathroom is on the outside, similar to many Spanish houses. All these switches could do with labels.

Interesting to note that although India uses a round-pin plug similar to that which the UK used years ago, the continental plugs that we have in Spain fit. So don’t panic if you forgot an adaptor. My phone charger and power supply for the laptop work. I did take the precaution of bringing a surge protector from Belkin as the Indian power supply is renowned to be erratic.

FabHotel Regalia Breakfast
FabHotel Regalia breakfast
Breakfast in the room will cost you a minimum of 50₹; or INR. I had 1 Aloo Parantha (whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potato mixture), 1 Gobhi Parantha (the same but with cauliflower) and a cup of chai (tea) that is flavoured with something like Earl Grey, is sweet and comes with the milk in it. It was super-good. This lot cost me 170 INR (about £2) and they probably got it for a quarter of the price from a street vendor. But it was convenient today.