MacBook Pro

Buying a MacBook Pro from Apple, online

This post is an aside about my new MacBook Pro. It is a warning to all of you that may choose to buy laptops and electronic equipment online.

Details of damaged MacBook Pro
I took my MacBook Pro, less than 3 months old, to an authorised Apple Repair Centre here in Delhi to see about repairing it. (I wrote about it in this post.) They claim that the screen is cracked, and in all honesty, when pointed out, I can see it is.

They claim it is a pressure crack.

I had this older version MacBook Pro shipped by Apple. I didn’t feel the necessity to spend €400 more on the touchbar model. It arrived at my place where it was put on a desk until the day I left for India when it was placed in a good solid laptop case with reinforced sides.

I carried the laptop onto the plane and stowed it under the seat thinking that it would be safer there than in the luggage bins above.

I then carried the Mac to the hotel where I put it on a table. It hasn’t moved since (except yesterday). It hasn’t been sat on, dropped, banged or thrown across the room.

I would like to point out that the pressure crack is NOT in the glass, it is underneath in the screen. The glass is undamaged as is the rest of the computer as you can see by the details in the photo.

My contention is that the screen was never seated properly at manufacture (as happens with many mobile telephone screens) and that the slight movement this computer has had has caused this pressure crack.

This computer is a laptop, it is designed to be portable. Indeed in spanish they are called PORTÁTIL.

The service centre claim that I will have to pay for a new screen. A whopping 70,000/- INR (or £830, €928, $1091).

MacBook Pro by Apple
Check your purchase thoroughly.
To my way of thinking this is Apple trying to weasel out of its contractual obligations by blaming me and not repairing a faulty, substandard machine.

One does not expect to have to minutely examine every square centimetre of a new product, but in the case of Apple Macintosh, I SUGGEST YOU DO! I have a feeling that legal advice will need to be sought.

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