Satya Dhaam Farm

Satya Dhaam Organic Farm

Staying with Mickey at Satya Dhaam Farm.

satya dhaam farmSo this is really the first proper entry of this blog and I haven’t even left the UK. Mickey, the farm manager, and I have been in contact on whatsapp. He’s been more than helpful with directions and advice for getting to Satya Dhaam Farm. It feels like I already know him. We’ve text daily since I reserved my place.

I had told Mickey that I was coming to India in search of new teeth and my grandmother’s roots. He immediately told me that I could rest and recuperate with him on the farm. That wasn’t my intention. I told him so. I want to help out the best I can round the farm. Whether that’s grafting on the farm or building him a website – I don’t care. But one thing I’m certainly not going to do is sit on my arse doing nothing watching others get sweaty.

So tonight he sent me some google maps of how to get there and where the bus station and drop off points are. I decided to make a google map of where these points of my journey are. I told him that I was just going to upload the half dozen photos he’d already sent to this site. “Wait” he said, “I’ll send some more“. So Mickey’s photos are the first ones on this blog, and I’m delighted to be able to show you where I’ll be at the end of the month.

Kind of get you all jealous in advance. 🙂

Mickey’s Photos of Satya Dhaam Farm

Organic produce of Satya Dhaam Farm with some photos of the surrounding area.

Here is the location of Satya Dhaam Farm

You can see the Satya Dhaam page on Facebook by clicking the logo.