Dental implants


Getting dental implants

Well I have to admit that that was nearly as unpleasant as having a heart attack. At least I was bombed out of my skull following the heart attack, for dental implants it was local anaesthetic for the whole mouth. 2 hours it took, well slightly over in actual fact, but at least the implants are in.

The dentist gave me multiple local anaesthetic all round my mouth. Dozens of them. A seriously unpleasant feeling having the lower part of your face completely numb and a bit scary when you find you can’t swallow and your tongue feels like a lump of meat flopping around.

The nicest bit, and this is all comparative mind you, was having the roots of the old teeth yanked and dug out. That was positively wonderful compared to what was to come with the dental implants. Granted I couldn’t feel much but when the dentist started to drill into the bone – well the noise inside your head is horrendous. I think he said I have 6 or 7 dental implants (I’ll ask when I go back Monday). I can’t see them because the gum has been sutured back over the top while the whole lot settles and takes. Then I guess they’ll cut the gum open again to get at the sockets to fit the teeth.

Dental implant surgery hurts

dental implant
Gross photo of my dental implant surgery
2 hours of having your face pulled about your lips stretched open every which way and the pressure on the jaw isn’t at all nice and I was getting tired so my mouth kept closing of its own accord. Where the lower right molar was was a real bugger. I guess the socket (a bit like a rawlplug) didn’t seem to want to tighten up, so I think a new site was drilled. (The left in the pic, out of view.) It’s the lower right of my mouth that is the sorest. The upper right molar hurt like hell when he torqued up the socket. (I’ve always had a bit of a “resistance” anaesthetics, ever since I was a kid, so even pumped full of the stuff I kept getting the odd nerve jolt.) A couple of sites in which they wanted to put implants were infected so they weren’t possible. All in all it went well but I suspect that tomorrow I’ll look like I’ve been in the ring with Mike Tyson.

When I got out of the operating room, Reena, the receptionist giggled because I was a bit all over the place from being horizontal I guess. There was an older woman there too and they were having a bit of a laugh because I couldn’t speak for the numbness. One said, because of my glasses, something about Harry Potter. I informed them that had I been Harry Potter I’d have magicked some new bloody teeth. More giggles.

So now I’m back in the hotel with my script filled for the antibiotics, pain killers, probiotic to put back the intestinal flora that the anti-Bs will kill and a drug that the doctor said is for SOS use only. In fact that is how it was written on the prescription. The anaesthetics have nearly worn off now but the pain killer is still working I assume. I’m not allowed anything to eat except stuff like ice cream for 24 hours – what a shame 🙂

dentzz for dental implantsI have to say that the practise, Dentzz, lived up to it’s name and they are nice people too. Well they are taking my money, but when all’s said and done they were friendly, informative, helpful, concerned and efficient and I’d recommend them to someone in my position. (No I’m not getting paid to say that, but I wish I was.)

First obnoxious native

One final thing – while I was waiting there was a woman with 2 daughters in the waiting room, all in traditional dress with heads covered (no hijabs though). She was the most obnoxious person I have come across since being here. She had an educated, posh english accent, a bit like mine I guess, and refused to speak to the receptionist or dentist in hindi. She was speaking to her girls in hindi though. She was bitching and moaning that she’d had to wait over an hour even though she didn’t have an appointment. Delusions of grandure maybe?