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Rubber tapping in Karnataka

The Western Ghats of India – on a bike

Short video of travelling through the section of the Western Ghats where the border of Karnataka and Kerala join. Read the post here

Sign writing Satya Dhaam

Winter season in Ladpur

The sugar cane cutting season and new crops being sown. Also the Ganges river festival. You can see more in this post

Independence Day in Meerut

Independence day 2017 in Meerut with Mickey and his sons.

Dance for Lord Shiva

Dance for Lord Krishna

Akshardham day out video.

This was my day out to the Akshardham Temple. Unfortunately there was no filming in the Temple complex. But the remainder of the day can be seen here. The Government buildings, India Gate and Agrasen ki Baoli, the stepwell.

Chandi Chowk and the Red Fort

This little vid shows you the madness of Old Delhi. It’s a Muslim area predominantly given over to traders. Each street has different products, so all the shoes, for example, will be in one area and all the spices in another. It’s pandemonium and the noise is ferocious.

Mizra Ghalib and Humayun’s Tomb

This video contains the footage from Chandi Chowk that I forgot, the Haveli of Mizra Ghalib. There is footage of the gardens at the tomb of Humayun. Also, as a special treat, Virender and I feeding palm squirrels.